Glee’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’

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Never before has a TV show affected me with such honesty, depth and pure beauty.

It’s unfathomable.

Before I get into what I intend on writing about, I’ve been meaning to write a post about Glee for quite a while now. My sisters and mom have been absolutely obsessed with the show as of late, and I’ll be honest, i’ve found myself tuning into more than a few shows as well. In just the past month or so, we’ve made it five seasons in, and thus, reached the inevitable episode.

Glee is just astounding. The show itself speaks wonders about the struggles of teenagers today, and was incredibly ahead of its time in terms of awareness. Looking back on it now, the messages still resonate just as much today as they did when the show first launched.

The character dynamics and themes intertwined are truly gratifying to watch, between the relationships built, obstacles overcome, and accolades achieved. From the lowest points to the highest points, i’ve been captivated by the pure selflessness, yet confidence, of each and every character as they develop. Even Sue, in the darkest moments, resonates the most loving, human traits.

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In Tune: The Mama Mia Soundtrack

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In my efforts to expand my musical experience, I’ve explored music from the 80s to the 1800s, but the 70s was a decade that at first appeared too out of reach for me to fully grasp and appreciate, especially given modern music. That is, until I discovered the Mama Mia movies, the second of which we recently saw in theaters.

Granted, this is a stark contrast to the type of music I typically listen to, but the fun, upbeat, and careless nature of the music was quick to draw my attention and amusement. Not to mention, the soundtrack is all re-recordings of classic ABBA songs, a defining group of the 70s.

One of the best things about their music is that they are all unique in structure, lyrics, and melody, yet are reminiscent of the same origin, of freedom and radiance. That’s why they’re perfect for a soundtrack like Mama Mia- they go so well together, yet are so distinct, and tell their own story.

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F. Seitz Concerto No. 5 (Mvt 1)

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It would appear as if I enjoy music too much.

Each week, I seem to drone on about the same things: “the emotion”, “the power”, “the beauty”… and yet as I discover more and more, music of all types still continues to astound me.

And while I do regret some of my musical choices from the past (*cough*), I still find there’s so much intricacy and passion to be evoked from each piece, something that makes each work extraordinary. Now, if you knew me, you’d know I’m not a very critical person- at all, which certainly has its downsides. But there’s something about music that just gets to me…

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F. Seitz Concerto No. 2 (Mvt 3)

New In Tune LogoThis Summer, in furthering my experience in music, I am beginning private viola lessons with Liam’s (who has been taking lessons for a while now) teacher, previous to which I only held experience playing in my school’s string orchestra.

In fact, my first lesson is today, and leading up to it I’ve been preparing the first part of a piece out of a Suzuki book, the Seitz Concerto No.2 Mvt. 3. It’s not incredibly difficult, and seems to be around my level of playing, although there will be some challenging sections to come. Overall though, I’ve definitely taken a strong liking to the piece.

The piece begins with a bright, fluent introduction that carries the main melody of the piece. The slightly staccato notes intertwined with grace notes and legato strings flow perfectly and sound very pretty. This melody gradually becomes more sophisticated, but maintains its expressiveness and impression.

Listening to the second half of the piece, a stark contrast takes place with what initially appears to be an insane amount of sequential sixteenth notes. However, listening to the piece being played while following the sheet music, their structure makes sense, following a coherent pattern.

In all, it’s going to be a good introductory piece to learn and play, especially as it’s presence takes a step farther from a structured, limited learning piece while still exhibiting the benefit of such, and maintains itself as a true classical piece of merit.

My favorite rendition of the piece on YouTube as performed by a viola player, Brian Clement, can be viewed here. You can also access my entire collection of In Tune features through the In Tune category or through the In Tune playlist on my YouTube channel.

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Mozart’s Requiem | In Tune

New In Tune LogoMozart’s Requiem is, by far, the most beautiful piece of classical music I’ve experienced, and without a doubt, my absolute favorite.

Recently, Liam and I had the opportunity to watch it performed live at a church memorial performance, and I was sincerely moved. The aspect of viewing a live performance enhances the music in ways a digital recording could never get across.

The composition itself is one of a kind. It really defines what music can be and magnifies my admiring perception of the art of musicians.

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In Tune | The Rock of Ages Broadway Soundtrack

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By the time I was born, the 80s were far gone, and today, they seem lightyears away. But they really were a defining decade, complete with their music, culture, and questionable fashion choices. I recently had a chance to get a taste of that when my younger sister’s middle school put on the play, Rock of Ages, this past April, modeled off of the Broadway play (not the movie- don’t worry.) I have to say, I really got into it, having seen all five or so shows.

Even now, I still find myself ‘rocking out’ to some of the music from the play, and it reminds me of the times when my mom and I would set up 80’s radio stations and she would be able to name literally every song that came on as I stood in awe of the stark contrast in music taste.

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In Tune: The Pop Instrumental Genre

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Since In Tune began, I’ve covered an extremely vast area of musical taste, from the most classical to musical soundtracks to pure pop. Each of these have peaked my listening interest, but given how different they are, I’ve found a particular liking for pieces that combine aspects of each style. In particular, this includes renditions of modern-day songs in highly instrumental, stylistic forms of playing.

My favorite musical group in terms of this type of music would have to be The Piano Guys. First of all, their music videos are phenomenal. Titanium would have to be one of my favorites (and also one of the most famous), but I also love this really amazing and creative take on a One Direction song (just look at the way they play the piano). Of their most recent music, they did a really beautiful cover to one of my In Tune features, Niall Horan’s Flicker.

What I love about this genre is that you still get the recognition of much of the pop music you hear today, but instead get to hear it in a completely new light and perspective. Image result for piano guys album coverEspecially as pop songs start to die out and get old, it re-sparks my interest in a particular piece, if not even improves it.

The bass-heavy, auto-tuned modern style is removed and replaced by music that is purely instrumental and true. It’s absolutely wonderful to listen to, and I love being able to appreciate the authentic musical qualities that brings a piece of music to life.

In all, this sub-genre blends the very formulaic methods of both pop and the style of classical music and improves on each in such a way that creates a beautiful medium between the two, and my exposure to this music brings me so much enjoyment and joy.

And it’s not just the Piano Guys who do such a thing- even acoustic versions of songs on the radio really put a new and unique perspective on the music that surrounds us in this day and age, and I would encourage you to explore the intricate personalities of the genre further.

In addition, you can view the playlist filled with every previous In Tune feature on my YouTube channel to get a very general idea of my true musical taste.

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