About Me

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I’m Gabe, and 12 and Beyond is truly my view of the world. I have a tremendous passion for literature, music, and my academics, and I have awesome friends, awesome teachers, and an amazing family who support me every step of the way.

I’m 15, now a Freshman in High School. I’ve grown up in Connecticut all my life, though I love to travel. I find myself spending countless hours playing both the piano and viola, and otherwise surrounding myself with music as I dive into my next favorite read.

Please, join me on my journey to define myself as I muse about my latest adventures, good reads, favorite songs, and my perspective of the world around me.

Thank you.


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I began writing on WordPress when I was 12 years old as a way for me to exercise content from the school year during the Summer. As a result, 12 and Beyond was born in May of 2015 with content that explored world language, mathematics, and most of all, literature.

As 12 and Beyond has evolved, so has my writing. What began as monotone, education-based writing has turned to perspective narratives and stories that truly encapsulate my passions in life. And while 12 and Beyond continues to retain its values in education, my blog is now home to everything from my love of music to travel adventures, even featuring seasonal chronicles of our backyard kittens. 

What I love about 12 and Beyond is that it truly is a representation of myself as a whole: my interests, my personality, and my perspective. Right now, 12 and Beyond is everything I could want it to be, and this outstanding adventure has only fueled my passion for expressing myself through writing.

So thanks for visiting 12 and Beyond. I hope you’ll be inspired by my view of the world.