A Culmination of French Connection

New French Connection Logo

Over the past three school years (equivalent to two high school courses), my experience in World Language has been incredible. In this time, I’ve become so much more fluent, I’ve learned intricacies of the language, and I can speak well (at least in work-arounds).

I’m far from done with my French journey- in the close future, I’ll be taking French through High School (up to ECE French V), and we’ll see where it goes from there. As far as French Connection on 12 and Beyond, though, things are about to round a major corner.

Since 2015, I’ve published countless lessons surrounding the French language. It’s been quite enjoyable- but unfortunately, mostly because I simply copied in vocabulary lists. I firmly believe that application is the most important factor in this type of education, and not repetition.

12 and Beyond was built around strengthening my academic skills, and by providing the reader with just vocabulary and a few example sentences, I wasn’t doing myself any good. Therefore, with the 2018/19 season of French Connection (Beginning September 6th), things are changing radically.

I feel confident enough in my writing that I should be able to… well, write. In French. And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. Each month from here on out, I’ll be publishing a small essay (not in essay format though) regarding a relevant topic- but all in French. 

Things certainly won’t be perfect- and I’m absolutely not plugging any of it into a translator (so please excuse my extremely weird and drawn out ways of saying things), so I apologize in advance to anyone remotely familiar with the French language. These will be written at a high-school level, and nothing more.

Overall though, this will be infinitely better, both for myself and for the reader. 12 and Beyond is not an educational institution, and I can’t provide complete and accurate lessons on anything. But with these new essays, the topics we focus on in class will be implemented into the writing.

And, if you don’t want to (or can’t) read in French, you’re welcome to use the “translate” button on the sidebar of my blog to get a rough English translation (just select English as the language, even if it seems redundant to do so).

Plus, over the year, I’ll be publishing Quizlet sets for my personal study from French class that you’re welcome to check out, so you won’t miss out on the vocabulary you are used to.

Looking back on the previous years, we’ve covered everything from the absolute basics- school supplies, telling time, and counting- to much more complicated aspects, like talking in various tenses and conjugating verbs. We’ve accomplished a lot.

In addition, this will be my last post before I begin my sophomore year of High School, so starting in September my Fall schedule will begin (check out the Global Interests page for more details!), but I’ve got many awesome things planned.

I’m really excited to begin this new journey! See you on 9/6!


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