A Tail of a Lot of Kittens

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 4.39.49 PM.png

Welcome to the 2nd season of  ‘A Tail of Three Kittens’!

NOW with more kittens than ever! 😅

It’s been a while- and a lot has happened since. I think we ‘may’ have a bit of a cat problem. See, our backyard has always been National Geographic- with cats, coyotes, (yes- an excellent combination), chipmunks, and the like. Up until recently, though, it’s only been our immediate cat family: Callie, Macintosh, Goldie, and Nutmeg, along with a few other occurrences. Evidently, word has gotten around though, and our ‘family’ has grown- significantly.

Let’s get started.

Since there’s been a bit of a break since the first season, here’s what’s up:

Mac is… still there.

Just chillin’… and lazy as always.

Callie… is not. 


After that incident last time, she’s up and disappeared, similar to what we saw last year. Or, exactly what we saw last year, because…


They are so cute- and like last time, there are three of them. If only you could see the Live Photos of these- they are quite crazy, climbing the tree, running, and attacking each other. We learned our lesson after last time, though, and have yet to name them.

As for the other cats…

Nutmeg, Goldie, and Ben (not Ted) come back sporadically.

So does this little guy. 😬

More of the kittens- this time they came back to eat.

We’re not sure, but we think that these kittens (since we saw them with Callie) are the result of Callie and either Goldie or Ben, based on coloring. We haven’t seen them since, but it’s possible they will return once they grow up a bit, like Mac did.

As if that isn’t enough, though, we’ve also been visited by a bunch of random cats, like these:

I named one of them Beth. We’re not sure if they are stray cats (not feral like our others), but we saw them so briefly that there was nothing we could do.

So, in all, we’re just one happy outdoor family. And, oddly, they all (mostly) seem to get along. We’ll see how things progress from here.

While this post was only intended as an introductory, up-to-date edition, throughout this season I’ll be going more in depth on a few of our cats, just because. For example, in November, I’ll be doing one on our one true yard-cat, Mac.

And, next month, I’ll be spotlighting an addition to our own family. Yes- we just got a baby Ragdoll kitten! Here’s a peek at him:


Bienvenue, Leo!

Thanks for reading! See you in September!


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