A Brief Take on Government Theology

Image result for government theology symbolic imageLiam, I must speak about you again.

It has been incredibly fascinating and gratifying expanding my knowledge of government theology (which began at just American Theology) alongside you.

This year, I’ve really tried to view the world with an open mind. Theology wasn’t really something I had thought about beyond the US’s democracy, apart from what I’d briefly heard from the media. But there’s a lifetime of history behind the rising and falling of different methodologies and ideals, many of which were particularly compelling.

As I began to discover the different ways that others have aspired to influence the way society runs, there were countless aspects that I really liked (among those that I didn’t) and doing so really allowed me to compare the aspects of our society and further realize that, as great as the United States is, we don’t live in a perfect world.

I also came to the realization that much of my bias against other theologies was based on the actions of these theologists. While the basic principles of something might appear to be pretty ideal and pure, the way they ended up taking place in society often turned out to be horrific. Take Maoism, for example. Plus, I consider myself moderate on political viewpoints, so seeing aspects of government being taken to the absolute extremes turned me away, especially in terms of violence.

It was really interesting to learn about the intricate (and sometimes questioning or hypocritical) workings between foreign relations, especially on the basis of bias against theology (*cough*McCarthyism*cough*).

In the end, I think treatment and prejudice on such grounds (or for any reason) is just wrong and lacking validity. Theology does not truly define a person in that a person who thinks a certain way is in no way a bad person.

Let’s take, I don’t know, communism for example. You can without doubt have an absolutely terrible, power-hungry communist. But you can also have someone who believes in the workings of a communal state, who might be incredibly genuine, compassionate, and most of all, an amazing friend. *cough*

The works of theology are really fascinating. I’m particularly looking forward to next year, when I take World History, where I’ll be able to dive even more in depth to these topics.

Thanks so much for reading.


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