So, That Happened… | A Tail of Three Kittens Spring Finale

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When I first began planning out this edition, I had only one “So… that happened” to write about, one so twisted and worthy of recoil that I thought it would be enough. And then more, and more, and more started happening. It’s been a quite… interesting past few months.

Let’s start with the big one, since that happened first. It appeared at first to be just a normal Sunday morning, until I came downstairs to see the surreptitious looks on my parents’ faces. They said something to the likes of “look outside” and, my god, did that morning take a different turn. There, sitting at our shed, was Callie (one of our regular cats) and her supposed son, Nutmeg (who, to clarify, we hadn’t seen since last August). That said it all for me.

Nutmeg and Callie. At this point, they are just sitting there.

Callie: “Mac (in grey)… this is awkward… this isn’t for you. You should go.” *Mac dejectedly walks away*

Now granted, I didn’t see anything happen (thank goodness), but moments before, the two had been… gosh, how do I say this… “going at it”. (This pains me to write) Need I say more? (I hope not).

I thought it was hilarious at the time, but it was just wrong on so many levels. (Keep in mind- Callie is the mother, Nutmeg her “son”.) Couldn’t they, at the very least, do it in private and not in full view of the entire neighborhood? 😬

Anyway, moving on. Sorry.

“Mac (her OTHER son- in grey)… this is awkward… you should go.” *Mac dejectedly walks away*

Mac is the most innocent, laid-back cat we’ve seen in our backyard. He never runs- he has not a care in the world. In fact, he would unknowingly greet danger with open arms. As we saw him do. Multiple. Times.

This is Benjamin at night.

Over the past month, two random cats have shown up in our backyard apart from the usuals, whom we named Ted and Benjamin. One was greeted with far more welcome than the other.

Ben, one night, came strolling casually to grab some food, Mac right at his side. We’re not sure why Mac was so trusting of him, because as far as we know, Ben has no relationship to Mac, but we’ve only seen him briefly anyway.

Ted, on the other hand, also showed up peacefully with Mac. But later on, he made the mistake of showing up just as Callie was finishing his afternoon meal. As soon as she spotted him, a rapid cat chase and fight ensued. It was quite entertaining, and nothing serious happened, though Ted was never seen again.


In other (lighter) news, Callie’s taken on a new hobby: hunting for birds. She’s gotten close but hasn’t caught one yet, but she’s spent most of her time buried in the grasses of our lawn.


And finally, this last one was downright scary. Obviously, feeding our outdoor cats has its serious ups and downs. One afternoon, I caught some outdoor motion out of the corner of my eye, and looking out, there was a giant coyote galloping and frightening speeds around our lawn. He was sniffing everything, and eventually went up to the shed, started howling like a wolf, and downing the entire bowl of cat food out there. Then, he proceeded to run back behind the shed and down the road that is behind there (where our kittens usually go when they leave) as if tracing their scent.

We left off on the food for a few days thereafter- no kitten deaths were reported, and we haven’t seem him since. We’ll be careful going forward.

Anyways, if you want to be terrified like we were, take a look at these way-clearer-than-necessary images:


We’ll be careful going forward. Anyways- we’re actually getting a pet kitten this upcoming Summer anyways, so we’re all really excited. (It was born this past Thursday!)

So now, our cats might be pregnant, and they’re all in danger of their lives. Nice.

A Tail of Three Kittens will be back in August. See you then.


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