Midterm Assessments: Bonus Quizlet Sets

Good Evening,

Today, as I began preparing for my Midterm Assessments over the next two weeks, I put together several Quizlet study sets for me to study from. As usual, they have been published to 12 and Beyond’s public Quizlet account and you are more than welcome to study them.

Three of them are of my own creation, while one is not (made by teacher). Please remember, these are not related to my blog at all, and are intended for my personal use. Therefore, they are very content-specific to my school. In addition, while some subjects contain elements of memorization, others are very straightforward and ask more content-based tasks, like in French, where we will be completing a writing assessment for the midterm. Therefore, subjects like French and Science are not included in the collection.

This will be the last you hear from me before January 23. Otherwise, you can access the entire midterm collection at the link below.


Thank you!


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