A Sense of Autumn

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 9.00.28 PM

Autumn is finally here- and I couldn’t be more excited. Summer is always so much fun- but eventually, the heat gets old and I am ready to just settle in for the colder months and absorb everything Autumn has to offer us. As I was thinking, I began to think of ways Autumn impacts all five of our core senses. That gave me an idea for October’s Featured Photo post, especially as I am now in a Yankee-Candle phase, and have picked up a few fall candles myself.

Sight: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think Autumn? Fall foliage. The leaves changing color, and lazily falling down to the ground. Seeing empty tree


The fall foliage was just beginning to arrive, but the peaceful sense of Autumn was already there, between the color of the sky and the relaxed state of nature. This picture was taken with a brown-orange filter to highlight the qualities of fall.

branches signals the coming of winter, which always comes too soon- but amongst ourevergreens, it provides a very pretty sight.

For a while, I’ve been studying the clouds and the sky. Come Autumn, the sky turns a perfect shade of Cornflower Blue- a slightly darker, more mellow blue than the summer previous. The clouds remain wispy and peaceful, fraying away from the dark, ominous clouds of summer and the overcast, pure-white snow clouds of Winter. It’s this peace of Autumn that I really enjoy, and I try to absorb the sights around me as much as I can. Plus, the sights that surround us only feel like fall when combined with everything else.

Sounds: Sometimes, it’s just so nice to hear nothing. Coming from the busy, always-active Summer, I find Autumn to be a retreat from our busy lives. Plus, I always take pleasure in the gentle breeze that pushes leaves along, or the slight drizzle of a short Autumn rainstorm. This is my kind of season.

Taste: Food is a humongous part of Fall, and for me, Fall wouldn’t be Fall without it. Between the Pumpkin Pie, cinnamon spice, apples (yum) and comfort foods, Autumn is the place to be. Not to mention, I’ve fallen under the Pumpkin Spice craze with a Pumpkin Spice Creme Frappuchino over at Starbucks (their Caramelized Apple Bread is fantastic too). Really though, what would Fall be, if things didn’t taste like fall?


Touch: While going out and feeling the crunch of the leaves (like jumping into a leaf pile, for example) might be awesome, for me, as I mentioned before, what I love about Fall is the slight breeze, and the cooler temperatures. I’m so glad once we lose the Summer heat, but have yet to transition to the harsh cold of Winter. Just walk outside- it feels completely different, once Fall fully arrives. My favorite part? No allergies.

Scent: I mentioned this at the start of this post: right now, my Mom and I, we are going through a Yankee Candle phase. For a while, I had imagined coming home to do my homework, and be greeted by the scent of fall. For me, Fall smells warm and comforting, full of spice and pumpkin.

So, when we visited Yankee Candle a few weekends ago, I had the time of my life smelling all of the different fall scents. I eventually settled on “Apple Spice”, the candle in the image above, which combines traditional fall spice and apples, delicious apples. I also settled for something more sweet- a candle I’ll probably start lighting in November, still in the midst of Fall: Sugared Pumpkin Swirl. Whoever names the candles at Yankee Candle- you’re doing something right. We also purchased a few Votive candles, ranging from Moonbeam on Pumpkins to Sweet Apple Cider. The smell of Fall is wonderful, and it adds to the experience of a new season in so many ways.

Fall is going to fly by. Enjoy it. I know I will. 😁


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