Photo Gallery: New Hampshire 2017

Hi there! Recently, my family and I took our annual trip to New Hampshire- and it was a really great time. This year, we strayed away from amusement parks and water parks, and focused on nature. In New Hampshire, the agriculture is so beautiful. We had a view of the White Mountains in back of the house we were renting, we hiked Mount Major, swam in a private, free flowing brook near our house, we tubed town the Saco River, and swam in Lake Winnepesauke after the hike. (This was throughout the week, not in one day- that would be a lot.)

I have allergies, and sometimes, here in Connecticut, they become a pain. But in New Hampshire, the air is so much lighter, cooler, and allergen free, so much that I could actually sleep with my window open. It rained several times at night, and I love falling asleep to rain. It’s so soothing, even better than the Soothing Waters playlist I usually listen to at night.

Mount Major (my first hike ever, actually) was really enjoyable. The trails were challenging, but not impossible. And even so, what more than made up for it were the views of Lake Winnepesauke, which we swam in after the hike. It was another perfectly clear day.

I most enjoyed tubing down the Saco. As busy as it was (for a Wednesday), it was ever so peaceful. I loved just rafting down the river (with a headrest on my tube) and taking in the view of the Mountains and the Cornflower Blue sky, which looked pastel through my sunglasses.

Naturally, I took many photos throughout the trip. Mountain views, river views, views of the mountains, lake views. It was all so beautiful- and so were the sunsets and sunrises that I captured from my bedroom each day (believe me, it is nice to wake up to the sun, not an alarm).

So I put together another photo gallery (mostly of views of mountains or from mountains) below of pictures from my vacation. If you like these photos, I recommend you check out the photos I took from a cross country trip back in June. You can find them in the Traveling Beyond category.

Also- two of these photos were added as header images (which appear random each time you visit 12 and Beyond)- see if you can find them!

Thanks for reading!


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