In Tune: To Be Human

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Good morning! I’ve been pushing myself not to include any true pop songs in In Tune yet- and I haven’t – but today I chose a song by a very familiar pop artist: Sia. I love listening to Sia’s songs. She has a very distinct, but beautiful, tone of voice. From many of her songs that have become hits, she’s sung several types of music- from the heartfelt Alive to the upbeat, summer hit Cheap Thrills, both from her This is Acting album.

For this week’s In Tune series, I instead chose a song from a soundtrack. I came across this song not from the radio, nor from watching the movie. I was browsing through Apple Music, and it was recommended “For You”. Well, it certainly was- I immediately loved it.

Here is this week’s In Tune feature:

To Be Human

Sia (feat. Labrinth)

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To be human is to love, even when it gets too much…

The song To Be Human contains subtle instances of upbeat pop, my favorite being the “Just because I predicted this” part. Yet for the remainder of the song, we get, once again, beautiful Sia vocals. It’s another heartfelt song, with wonderful lyrics that Sia perfectly presents. It sounds as if Sia really means the lyrics she sings…

The song effortlessly combines the chorus (To be human…) sung by Sia, with Sia’s long oh-oh-oh lines, some input from Labrinth which definitely adds to the song, and then adds out of nowhere (and I love this) a whole new type of beat in the middle of the song with a complete change in voice and tone. (It’s the predicted this part from above).

There is something about Sia. Her voice is so different than, well, everyone. And I couldn’t choose anyone better than to have sung the song, especially the way she did. You can feel the same expression and emotion she portrays through each of her songs, and it’s just stunning.

I didn’t watch Wonder Woman, but I figure that this song went perfect with the feel, message, and tone of the movie. It sure struck a chord with me.

You should listen to it too- you can download it from your preferred music source (I use Apple Music), or visit here to listen to the official audio on YouTube.

Thanks so much for reading! Look out for a new edition of In Tune every two weeks!


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