Cross Country Trip Highlights: June 28 – July 1


The iconic entrance to Navy Pier with the Centennial Wheel in the background.

Good evening! I thought I’d share the last 4 days of highlights from the Cross Country trip I recently returned from. These highlights mostly encompass time on the train, the plane, and in Chicago, and I’ve grouped them by day. Enjoy!

June 28

On June 28, we continued with our return to Chicago on the California Zephyr train. For today, we passed through Colorado, seeing places like Grand Junction, Fraser, Boulder, and Denver. While we mostly saw similar agriculture to that of the first part of our trip, one particular piece of scenery was very different: the Great Plains. Endless trees and grasslands that faded into the horizon created a stunning view (pictures to come very soon). Denver was also a highlight, being able to see the capital of Colorado. In comparison to some other states, parts of Colorado were very flat (Tornado Alley!), while there were often mountain ranges in the background.

June 29

On June 29, we finished our journey on the train. We didn’t see much, but we did pass over the Mississippi River. From the width of the river to the currents below us, I can definitely see why it’s called the ‘Mighty Mississippi’.

Later that night, we arrived in Chicago. We checked into our hotel, and we ate at Gino’s East. I suppose I could call this my first taste at authentic Chicago Deep Dish pizza. The graffiti on the walls and chairs added a very unique atmosphere to the restaurant, too.

June 30

Today was our big day in Chicago- we bought online passes and planned for a day of being good ol’ tourists. We did get to see Chicago from the John Hancock Building, and we took a bus tour around the city, but what I enjoyed most was the architecture tour. First off, just by traveling by river, you get a completely different perspective on the city.

But to learn about the history of the designers and of their buildings, and how they contribute to the history of Chicago, it was fascinating. After seeing some particular buildings, I was amazed by the intricate works of art that these buildings are, and the amount of design and technique needed to design and build one. Personally, my favorite style of buildings were the glass-faced ones (all-glass), and especially ones that had tints to them, like three blue skyscrapers built around the same time (recently) that were curved, built in a y-shape, and one that was rectangular but very interesting (pictures to come).

One other highlight of the day was going to Navy Pier. Yes, it’s one of the most iconic parts of Chicago, one that every tourist needs to go to. We didn’t spend much time there at all, though. We rode once around the Ferris wheel and left, walking all the way the the Bears stadium. If there was any benefit, though, it was that the Ferris wheel provided spectacular views of the Chicago skyline.

July 1

Return day! In the morning, we boarded an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Connecticut. Like the other flights I’d taken this week, I was still amazed at the clouds, the ground, and the horizon. It’s beautiful from up there.

Tomorrow, I’ll try and post the two corresponding photo galleries. And, either tomorrow or Monday, I’ll be releasing a very special post that lives true to the tagline of 12 and Beyond: My View of the World. Look out for all three of these posts!

Thank you for reading! Have a great night!


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