Cross Country Train Trip | The Itinerary


I’ll share more photos like these in several photo galleries, releasing throughout the week. 

Before I go into pictures, written highlights, and more regarding my Cross Country trip that took place in June, I wanted to let you know exactly what we did, day by day. You won’t get details of exactly what happened each day, only the things we had scheduled.

*All times described are in local time.

June 22

We boarded a 7am plane at Bradley airport and flew out to Chicago, where we boarded an Amtrak train (the Southwest Chief), which would take us out to Arizona. We would only be able to view and take pictures from the train, where we would sleep that night.

June 23

We remained on the train and were expected to arrive late in the evening to Flagstaff, Arizona.

June 24

We arrived in Arizona at 1 in the morning (delayed train), where we settled into a hotel before embarking on a tour of the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert. Afterwards, we explored the town of Flagstaff (where we were staying) and ate dinner before boarding a midnight train that night (it was delayed) and sleeping there.

June 25

After de-boarding the train in the morning, we attended an LA Dodgers game in the afternoon before boarding a plane to San Francisco that night.

June 26

In the morning, after having slept at a hotel, we took a guided tour of San Francisco, set to cover the Golden Gate Bridge, the Redwood Forest, and Alcatraz. We would later pick up sundaes from the Ghirardelli factory.

June 27, 28, & 29

We boarded another Amtrak train (the California Zephyr), this time with sleeper car accommodations. We would remain on this train until late in the day on July 28 when we arrived in Chicago and ate dinner that night at Gino’s East (deep dish!)

June 30

We visited several attractions around Chicago, including doing the Chicago 360 from the John Hancock building, an architecture river cruise, Soldier Field, and Navy Pier. We again stayed at a hotel that night.

July 1

Return day! We boarded a plane from Chicago back to Bradley, and arrived in Connecticut in the early afternoon.

I have LOTS more to share. Stay tuned throughout the week!



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