12 and Beyond is Back | Summer 2017

Good morning, and welcome to the start of the 3rd year of 12 and Beyond!

That’s right- at the beginning of June 2 years ago, 12 and beyond opened for the first time, and I have to say it’s come so far. I’m also really excited about things to come…

But for now, while I was on break, I updated a few things around 12 and Beyond. Here’s whats new:


A while back, I posted about how I was revamping my Category system, and that’s exactly what I finished doing over break. All 300-something of my posts have been separated (correctly this time) into their appropriate category system, and the categories themselves have changed too! I’ve added several new categories to account for every type of post I’ve released, instead of resorting to a default category. You may not notice this right now, but I’ve also made it very easy for me to see when I forget to put a post into a category (there still has to be a default category existing, it just may not show!)


As you know, I love to read. And so I thought I’d share the books that I’d be reading over the Summer (both by assignment and for enjoyment) in a Sidebar list, complete with emoji bullets. I’ve only just started it up, so expect many more books to be added in time.

Project: 12 and Beyond

I’ve been working on something big… and I mean really big.

Over the break, I’ve been designing, creating, and exploring new aspects of a complete overhaul of 12 and Beyond, and I’ve got a lot planned out. I’ve also planned something special to go along with my 2nd anniversary. I’m not going to share much at this time, but you won’t recognize 12 and Beyond when this happens (all good things!). I’ll have official details coming at the middle of July, and the updates will occur near the end of July.

It’s going to be an exciting month! Check out July’s post calendar for all of this month’s happenings, and be ready for official Project 12 announcements soon!

Let 12 and Beyond’s 3rd summer of blogging begin!



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