July Post Calendar (Updated)

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.17.25 PM.png

Things To Note

  • July 1-2: I’ll be finishing up my Cross Country trip (more details from previous posts) and preparing for upcoming posts and updates.
  • July 3: 12 and Beyond returns for the Summer! I’ll be announcing some of the exciting changes that have come to 12 and Beyond over the break.
  • July 4-8: I have reserved these days for posts regarding my trip: from sharing pictures, highlights, and the itinerary, it’ll be great.
  • July 9: A special post releases regarding my Cross Country Trip.
  • Daily: Word Wise continues to release on the “Word Wise” page.


  • Please read the text at the top of the calendar for more information about July’s happenings.
  • Please note that you can easily access the post calendar by clicking on the image on the sidebar of 12 and Beyond.
  • Project: 12 and Beyond will launch at the end of July (details coming soon), but it’ll be the first overhaul of 12 and Beyond as you know it. It’ll include:
    • a new domain
    • new graphics
    • new blog theme
    • new header images
    • updates to pages and sidebar
    • and more…

Thanks for reading! I’ll return in just a few days…


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