Cross-Country Trip Announcement

Hi there! Thanks for waiting through my end of year break- I can officially say that I am finished with 8th grade! Going into high school… wow. I can’t wait to resume blogging, but I’ve got something very exciting to announce first.

Over the next week or so, before 12 and Beyond returns on July 3rd, I am going to be taking a cross-country train trip, and I’m very excited. From where I live, we’ll fly out to Chicago and board a train. We’ll travel south, see the Grand Canyon (among many other exciting things!), and then get off in California. (The train does stop several times before reaching California, but California marks the end of the particular route).

We’ll get off in Los Angeles, tour the city, fly North to San Francisco, tour there as well, see Alcatraz and the Redwoods, and then board a train and travel back to Chicago, where we will stay a few nights and then fly back to Connecticut.

There’s a lot more in store for this trip than I mentioned, but I’ll speak more about the entirety of my trip when I return, with several exciting posts scheduled to contain pictures, the itinerary, and written highlights. (I won’t be taking my Mac on the trip, so I gave myself a few extra days of break to prepare these posts).

I’m super excited to share about this trip, and of course to start Summer blogging. And, if you haven’t already noticed, there have been several summer updates already made to 12 and Beyond that I’ll announce in a “What’s New To 12 and Beyond” post when I come back.

I hope everyone has a phenomenal start to their summer. I’ll see you when I return!


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