In Tune: If Only You Would Listen

InTuneHi there! Welcome to another episode of In Tune. Especially in these past few editions, I’ve tried to considerably diversify the song featured, and this week is no different.

Back in April, I took a field trip to NYC with my school, and we saw School Of Rock. It. Was. AWESOME. I was astounded by what was taking place right before my eyes. I’m definitely going to see another Broadway show in the future.

And, along with the acting, the music was phenomenal too. So much, in fact, that I downloaded the soundtrack the next day from Apple Music. Every song on the album was great, but there was one song that really caught my attention.

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Here it is:

If Only You Would Listen (Bonus Track)

The Original Cast Of School Of Rock; School Of Rock

Image result for school of rock broadway album

First off, this song is sung by children. And it speaks very true to the struggles so many of us go through, and offers a meaningful message. You can feel the emotion in the kid’s voices, and the lyrics are phenomenal. One thing I also like about the song is how the song starts by speaking about needing a voice, and needing Dewey to listen to them (in the case of the play), and then transitions to a heartfelt message towards Dewey about how each child’s life was changed simply by Dewey listening to them, and allowing them to have a voice. This stands very true in the life of Tomika, who has a beautiful voice (I heard her [or the current one, at least] singing live), but, like the other kids in the school, were put under pressure to be a certain way, and therefore hid her true voice until Dewey inspired her to be herself; and boy, was that an awesome part in the play.

Above, I was speaking specifically about the bonus track version, which I believe came towards the end of the play. But the original song itself offers the same emotion and energy, evoking the same, indescribable feeling in the listener. And that came not only from the voices, but also from the lyrics:

I was lost, lost, and in pain.

All the things I should have said, I just kept trying to hide.

I needed to share, and only you would listen.

I’ll understand, so just reach out your hand. 

Lives won’t be the same without you here.


In the play, the song described the events that also helped them realize their true passion, and the song is also, in many ways, directed towards the parents in the play, who were very adamant about their kids being a certain way. All the kids needed was to be heard, and understood. Anyone can learn a lot from the underlying messages of School Of Rock.

The kids in School Of Rock needed to be heard, and you should hear them. See the play! Download the album! Listen to the track here!

Thank you so much for reading! The In Tune series will return in July after my posting break. Have a great day!


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