In Tune: Supermarket Flowers

InTuneGood morning, and welcome to the inaugural edition of In Tune. Funny story: About a day after the announcement post that featured a Yiruma song was published, my family started a 3-month trial to Apple Music, and… we love it. I love being able to download any song, create playlists of my own, and the radio stations are still great. So, from now on, I’ll be taking songs from my Apple Music listening. Just to let you know. ☺️

In fact, when we started Apple Music, one of the first albums we downloaded was Divide by Ed Sheeran. I’ll agree: some songs, like Shape of You, have gotten old, and some contain a bit too much rap for my liking. However, there was one song that caught all of our attention:

Supermarket Flowers

Ed Sheeran, Divide

Image result for divide album cover

Supermarket Flowers is far from the other tracks featured on his album: not ‘pop’, not ‘rap’. In fact, it didn’t even need a beat because the lyrics were what made the song so great.

The song tells about Ed’s love for his grandmother (not a traditional love song!), and it is so touching. The lyrics “When God takes you back, he’ll say Hallelujah, you’re home.” created a personal, whispered “wow” moment that separates you from life, if only for a few seconds. The entire song gives you a sense of love and good feeling. It’s a song that if you listen to closely, you’ll be moved to tears.

I hope that this song, however unlikely, will go on to be Ed Sheeran’s next hit. It needs to be listened to. And you should hear it too, through your chosen music service, or visit this YouTube link for the official audio: Supermarket Flowers – Ed Sheeran

Thanks so much for reading- another edition releases in two weeks!


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