May Calendar of Posts

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.16.40 PM.png

Hi there! Above is the post calendar for the month of May, which can also be accessed from the sidebar.

Things To Note

  • May 6th: I will be releasing a special story related to a recent event- it involves kittens!
  • May 9th: The first edition of In Tune releases. The artist: Ed Sheeran.
  • May 29th: I know my previous book reviews got delayed significantly, but this is just to put a date out there. Hopefully I’ll have one done by June- it will probably be to either Harry Potter & Half-Blood Prince or A List of Cages.

Coming In June

  • 12 and Beyond will temporarily close on June 1st until July 3rd so that I can finish up my 8th grade school year without having to worry about my blog, and to allow myself to complete some summer updates to 12 and Beyond before I resume blogging in July. More details coming in the June Post Calendar.
  • I will be taking a Westward cross-country starting on June 22nd- once again, I’ll release more details come June. I have some awesome posts planned for when I come back.
  • NO regular posts will release in June- I will be taking a posting break for the entire month due to the above reasons. Look out for the June post calendar in late May!

You can visit the Global Interests page mentioned in the calendar by clicking on it just below 12 and Beyond’s header, or simply by clicking here.



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