Coming Soon to 12 and Beyond: A New Category System!

Hi there!

I’m excited to announce a pretty big update coming to 12 and Beyond: a revamped Category system! A while ago, I set up a simple category system that contained general titles about some of my posts series, though a couple of problems have occurred:

  • I have released several NEW series and types of posts
  • I usually forget to add a post into a category in the first place- most end up in ‘Other Posts’

Here’s my plan: as you can see now, I have removed my current categories and replaced them with a temporary default. I plan to create new categories (some of them are listed below) and rename some, along with add descriptions. The reason I deleted my previous categories was so that I could go back to each post and re-catalog it correctly, instead of accidentally sending it to the default. That’s why this process might take a while. I want to my categories to be specific, and I want to eliminate any categories like “Other Posts”.

Some categories may include:

  • Special Features
  • French Connection
  • It All Adds Up
  • Gabe’s Writing
  • In Tune
  • Updates
  • Post Calendars
  • etc.

And, as I release new content, I will continue to create new categories. This is an ongoing project, but I wanted to share with you what I plan to do in the future.



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