In Tune | An Introduction

InTuneAlong with books and blogging, music is something that truly defines me. For many years, I have played both the piano and the viola, and I still do to this date.

Not only that, I love listening to music. For me, I often use Pandora, though I’ll admit I own a few Harry Potter soundtracks on iTunes myself. 😆 I may sound generic, but my favorite station to listen to is Today’s Hits Radio, though I also sometimes enjoy soulful music, like Birdy.

When I told this to my friends, they were surprised, but I listen to music as I fall asleep as well. My choice is Soothing Waters Radio, though it took a bit of refining (now it’s mostly piano melodies with flowing water backgrounds). In all, I love to surround myself with music, and that’s something I haven’t really highlighted on 12 and Beyond.

So welcome to In Tune, a new series where every other Tuesday (starting in May), I highlight a song that has moved me in a particular way. I’ll try to incorporate several genres of music, so that you aren’t just getting pop music. Though beware: there may be a Chainsmokers song here and there. 😝

One thing I often find myself doing is trying to listen in to and absorb the lyrics of songs- which have shocked me (unfortunately) with their true meaning. For our family, especially when we were younger, we mostly listen for the beat of the music, not the lyrics. So don’t be too critical with my song choices- I only listen to the aforementioned duo for their beat and not their name (😬) and the message behind their lyrics (😬).

I wrote this quite a while before you read this (here I go again with my tenses), so I decided to take the time and choose a song for this week as well. Just keep reading!


This week, I chose not to get ahead of myself with pop music and instead decide on a Soothing Waters song that I’ve really taken a liking too. As soon as I heard it (while lying in bed) I could follow the beat in a way that was mellow and soothing, and I immediately felt a sense of authenticity (if that makes sense in any way). It was very moving, and the title of the song itself perfectly describes the atmosphere set in place by the music.

Kiss The Rain

Yiruma; Kiss The Rain

Image result for kiss the rain yiruma album

This song really touched my heart- that’s the true power of music, and yet the song doesn’t have any lyrics. I would recommend that you check it out either on iTunes (or Google Play, I’m an Apple person) or see if you can listen to it on your preferred music streaming service. It seems like one of those songs that was tucked away in a hidden crevice of the music industry and never got the light and recognition it deserves.

Thank you so much for reading this article, and I’ll determine future release dates of In Tune through the post calendar that will release closer to May. Have a great day!


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