MacBook Motivation

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MacBook Motivation

Good morning! 12 and Beyond is back- and so am I! As you probably know, the reason for my recent brief posting break was partly because I had just purchased a new MacBook, or a MacBook Pro, to be exact. And that, precisely, is the subject of this 12 and Beyond Special Edition post.

For as long as I have worked on a laptop, it has been a clunky 8-pound Dell “laptop”. It wasn’t my dream laptop, at all, though it worked for what I needed. But as I started moving onto larger-scale school projects (especially since almost all of our schoolwork is submitted online) and as I continued to greaten my passion for blogging, I decided that it would be an appropriate time to start saving for a new laptop.

I may have worked on a Dell the past few years, but in school I’ve also had experience with Apple laptops, which have really impressed me over the years. And, as I already own an iPhone, I was aware that all of my data would sync up between the two devices, which was exactly what I needed for my lifestyle.

Not only that, though, I was certain that going with Apple was the right decision- I was comfortable with and loved their software, and their hardware was, in a way, beautiful, particularly with the model I ended up going with.

Speaking about the hardware, I somewhat disagree with what many say about Apple’s level of innovation. I purchased the Pro model with the touch bar, which many claimed was a step downwards for Apple. I’m not going to get into this debate, though I am incredibly satisfied with the way the touch bar works (it makes bolding, italicizing, and underlining so much easier when writing posts, among other things) and I am thoroughly impressed at the very fact that Apple was able to make this kind of laptop in the first place. Just my two cents- I did a lot of research about the pros/cons of my laptop.

But why was I so eager to purchase a new laptop in the first place? One of the main reasons was motivation. I truly have a passion for writing, but I just couldn’t look forward to typing on my old laptop. Plus, I couldn’t actually use it for its purpose- as a laptop. And I am fully aware that objects can’t necessarily create motivation, but by purchasing a newer, faster laptop, I would be able to fuel the motivation that I already had into something that I actually wanted to and could write with.

In addition, I was also intrigued by the world of possibilities that a MacBook could offer me. Along with more security and easier writing features, I could sync data with my phone, share data with my family, create with easy-to-use, modern programs (like Pages and Keynote), download apps (a setting I was already familiar with) unlike many other laptops, edit photos and videos, get an easier typing experience and a larger trackpad, a better display…

All of this, I believed, would contribute towards the motivation I already had. I figured I would actually want to sit down with my laptop and type for an hour, and look forward to it! One other thing- I wouldn’t have to worry about running on 45 minutes of battery as soon as I unplugged my charger.

In any of this, particularly because of how expensive my MacBook was, I am not implying that my family is rich- because we’re not. But by asking for Apple gift cards for my birthdays and Christmas, while also contributing some of my own money, the purchase of my MacBook would also seem more worth it for me, something that I would truly value.

And after using my MacBook for several days, I feel that it has certainly lived up to these presumptions, in many ways. By switching to a new laptop, I am able to access content quicker and easier, and create so much more content.

By that, I mean that I will be able to push out new posts and page updates quicker, and easier for me. And since I am now working off of a MacBook, there is no telling what might be in store for 12 and Beyond. Who knows? Maybe French Connection will be done by videos from now on! 😉

In all, the MacBook purchase was something to me like my subscription to TIME Magazine- it meant something to me. And not in a tangible way, though I’m not sure exactly how to describe it. And I’m also unsure about the message of this post, though it certainly qualifies as one of my ‘muses’. Remember, though: no matter what you choose to do, it’s not, per se, the laptop that matters, but the passion that you feel. You can do anything if you put your heart to it, and purchasing my MacBook was only a pathway towards doing so.

After doing months of research, I knew that a MacBook was (and is) right for me- and of course, that could be different for you. (I also realize that a few of my posts, like this one, seem a lot like product reviews or sponsorships- they aren’t.) Whatever spikes the passion and motivation you have- for whatever you may aspire to do- take full advantage of it.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this post. Have a great day!





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