Posting Break: April 1-15th

Hi there!

As of tomorrow, I am beginning a 15-day break from posting until April 15th. This past Sunday, I purchased a MacBook Pro, which I am currently using to type this post (the first one with my new laptop). I’ve already discovered so many neat things that I will be able to do regarding my blog in the future, and I’m really excited.

However- I won’t start releasing new post content just yet. For the next two weeks, I will take some time to adjust to an entirely different laptop from what I had before, and hopefully create some awesome new content for 12 and Beyond. In addition, my school’s April Vacation starts a week from now, so I decided to extend my posting break until my vacation finishes.

One thing to note though, is that Word Wise will continue to release daily, despite the lack of posting. And, I have a few great posts that I am working on, including one regarding my new laptop which releases the day my blog returns, and an entirely new series two days afterwards.

I’m so excited to share a few of the things I have in store for 12 and Beyond, so be sure to check back on April 16th for a brand new 12 and Beyond Special Edition post. See you then!

Have a great weekend!


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