French Connection: Houses


French Connection

Good afternoon! Today, I will be discussing several topics related to a house, un maison.  I’ll also be sharing vocabulary in a new format- instead of just listing vocabulary, I’ll incorporate the vocabulary, using italicized text, into regular sentences. Let’s start with each room, un piece, that you might need to know. For example, as you enter your house, you go through the entry-way, le foyer. Just before, though, you walked through the yard to pick up leaves, des feuilles, from the yard, le jardin. (This can also be used to describe the garden)

Let’s say it is a school day- you drop your backpack, un sac a dos, off in the living room, le salon, before grabbing an apple, une pomme, from the kitchen, la cuisine. At first, you sit down in the game room, la salle de jeux, hoping to sneak in some time on your phone. However, your mom, ta mere, catches you and tells you to do your homework, les devoirs. So, you travel up the stairs, les escaliers, and head into your bedroom, la chambre. After finishing your apple, you head into the washroom, la salle de bain, (quick lesson: in France, the sink and toilet, la toilette, are separate from each other, so use the correct term!)

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Soon after, you hear the door to the garage, la garage, open and see your dad’s car, la voiture, pull in. He heads to his office, le bureau, to finish up a project from his work, travailler (to work). You walk down the hallway, le couloir, to say hello. Surprisingly, though, you find him in a state of panic! He asks you to look, chercher, for his book, la livre, that he left someplace. You look in the basement, la sous-sol, the closet, le placard, the dining room, la salle a manger, and even in the attic, la grenier, to no avail. Finally, as your father goes to mow the lawn, tondre la pelouse, he finds it inside of the shed, l’abri de jardin! 

And, inside of each of these rooms, you might find an assortment of furniture, des meubles. For example, going back to the original story, you opened the door, la porte, to enter the house, where you grabbed an apple from the fridge, le frigo. And, when you sat down on the couch, un sofa ou un canape, or in the comfy, confortable, armchair, un fauteauil. You noticed that the picture, un tableau, on the wall, le mur, seemed to follow you with its eyes, les yeux. Startled, you placed your apple on the coffee table, une table basse, and promptly stood up to turn on the lamp, la lampe, to get a better view. As it turned out, the moonlight coming from the window, la fenetre, was glinting off of the glass.

Later on, when you went to do your homework, you sat down at your desk, un bureau, and wrote, ecrire, a few sentences. Then, you realized how tired you actually were and took a t-shirt from the armoire and a pair of pajama pants from the dresser, une commode. While preparing to go to sleep, you took a light-read from the shelf, un etagere, and placed a cup of water, une tasse du l’eau, on your nightstand, une table de nuit. As you lay on your bed, le lit, you hear your father exit his office, le bureau, and come to wish you, “Bonne Nuit!” One other word: un tapis, a rug.

A few other phrases- and a lesson!

Did you know that, in France, the first floor is counted as the ground floor, le rez-de-chausee, and the second floor (as Americans would think of it), le deusieme etage, is considered the first floor, le premier etage? You can also simply refer to these by locating either upstairs, en haut, or downstaris, en bas!

If you live, habite, in a building, un immeuble, other than a standard house, you might consider yourself as living in an apartment, appartement, for instance. Moi, j’habite dans une maison. Chez moi, (at my house), il y a trois etages. Speaking in the present, you might also use terms like here, ici, there, la (not to be confused with the la that follows nouns), and here is, voici. Among other questions, you might ask where is…, ou se trouve OR ou est…

I crammed a lot of vocab into this lesson, so don’t expect it all to be included on Quizlet- just those directly related to this topic. There are also some additional vocab added to Quizlet not discussed on this post. To access the Quizlet page for this lesson, click on the blue Quizlet icon below.


The Rooms of a House



Thanks so much for reading! Have a great night.


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