March 2017 Calendar of Posts


Hello! March is just about upon us, and this upcoming month promises to be a big one! Here are a few notable posting events:

2- remember the page I had added several weeks ago? I hope to finish adding more features from 12 and Beyond to complete the page.

10- I still have to come up with a name, but I hope this to be the start of a new series!

20- FOR REAL, I promise: the 2nd part of my review of the 7th Harry Potter book

23- My 14th birthday!

25- Not sure if I will actually release this, as we will be taking a mini-trip to celebrate my birthday

26- On the trip, I will be purchasing a MacBook- I’m so excited!

In addition, please note the area outlined in dark blue-green for extra information. (Remember, It All Adds Up doesn’t continue releasing until April) Also, sorry I couldn’t release a French Connection post today- I’ll make it up on March 6th.

I hope you enjoyed my recent special post, “An Abundance of TIME“, and be sure to look out for more like it in the future. Thanks for reading!



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