It All Adds Up Posting Will Resume in April


Hi there! I do realize that I had an It All Adds Up post scheduled for yesterday, however that will not end up being released. As you may know, I am purchasing a laptop in late March, which I hope to be able to do some really cool things with.

If you have experienced It All Adds Up posts in the past, you may have noticed that I try to incorporate graphics to explain math concepts, but at the time it is very difficult to do. In particular, I would need to produce several graphics for my next topic, which will be Scatter Plots.

In addition, at the time we are working on other topics that I need to focus my time on. However, I do not wish to end It All Adds Up- anything but. Instead, I will be pausing I.A.A.A. posts until April, when I will have my laptop. This will also give me time on my own to fully explain these concepts in a way that I deem worthwhile for posting.

Nothing else will be effected by this, but It All Adds Up takes the most time and effort to make. For now, you can continue to follow French Connection, among my other series’ of posts.

Also, look out for a new writing post coming this Saturday! Thanks for reading!


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