French Connection Basics Quizlet Addition #1


Hi! This is pretty big, and I’ve worked for quite a while on doing this. As you may have noticed, there is a page titled “French Connection Basics” on my quizlet account. My goal was to transfer some of my earliest, beginner lessons over to Quizlet so that those who are just beginning to learn the language can study off of them as well.

Today, I am officially releasing 4 new study sets- that’s a lot! With 154 terms added in total, this is a great start for French Connection: Basics! For now, I started out by transferring over notes for numbers, classroom objects and supplies, questions and responses, and the time and date.

These sets are not only useful for a beginner, but they may also be a good resource for reviewing a few of the first things you learned of the French language. I’ll provide the links to these Quizlet sets below, but first, one more thing. I have converted all of the font on my blog from the default font from WordPress onto the font you are reading this in now, which I chose to make my blog look more professional. This also impacted the headers and title, and I like the look of them much better.

Click on each icon to visit the matching Quizlet study set, which is free for you to use:



French Connection Basics: The Classroom





French Connection Basics: Time and Date




French Connection Basics: Greetings, Questions, and Responses





French Connection Basics: Numbers




Thanks so much! Be sure to check out these new sets, among others on the Quizlet page.


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