12 and Beyond in 2017

Hi there!

I hope everyone had a phenomenal holiday, and Happy New Year!

Particularly with 12 and Beyond, many new changes for the better have occurred while I took a small break from posting, and with this post, I’ll try to explain as many of them as I can.

Please click the “read more” button to hear about everything coming to 12 and Beyond in the new year:

Remember how many posts I missed last year as a result of imposing a busy weekly schedule on myself. This year, I’ve fixed that in several ways. First, I’ve stopped making physical posts for Word Wise. Instead, I’ll continue updating and keeping archives on just the Word Wise page, so feel free to check out today’s word. Second, as you can see on the sidebar, I’ve created a new post scheduling system: a post calendar. I’ve spread out my posts even more, and instead of having a specific day each week, I’ve assigned specific days of the month for a post. It’s hard to explain, but just click the image on the sidebar to view the full calendar.

Speaking of posts, all of my regular posts will continue! Even better, I may announce a new post series sometime this month as well. But this is where it gets exciting. Now, you may have noticed that I removed both the French Connection and It All Adds Up pages, and they were replaced by two others. I’ll get to the Global Interests page later, but I also added a page titled “Quizlet”. Of course, both of these posts will continue, but I will now be linking the review questions for each onto Quizlet! You can learn more from the Quizlet page, and also visit my Quizlet account, which will be updated soon!

Speaking of pages, I have added minor updates to each of my other pages as well. In addition, I have started a NEW Word Wise page, and you can find all of last year’s words in the page Word Wise (2016). Another significant page that I added was Global Interests. I’m not finished with it, but I wanted a central place where I could explain each of my pages and posts in detail, along with anything else going on in 12 and Beyond at the time.

So of course, pay attention to the post calendar for January to see when a new post will be coming out. Stay tuned for a new French Connection post two days from now- January 10th!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!


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