Word Wise 2016: The Complete Collection

This is a copy of the 2016 Word Wise page republished in January 2019.

Word of the Day2


Welcome to the 2016 version of Word Wise! This is a collection of all the word of the day’s that have been featured on 12 and Beyond, up until October. To see more recent words, please visit the page simply entitled ‘Word Wise’. Thank you.


12- RAMSHACKLE; adjective: appearing ready to collapse; rickety

13- JUBILATE; verb: to rejoice

14- OBTUSE; adjective: exceeding 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees

15- TOCSIN; noun: an alarm bell and the ringing of it / a warning signal

16- NESCIENCE; noun: lack of knowledge or awareness; ignorance

17- AUREATE; adjective: of a golden color or brilliance

18- KVELL; verb: to be extraordinarily proud; to rejoice

19- BENIGN; adjective: having no significant effect; harmless

20- DOLOROUS; adjective: causing, marked by, or expressing misery or grief

21- INCHOATE; adjective: being only partly in existence or operation

22- FEIGN; verb: to give a false appearance of

23- PASSEL; noun: a large number or amount

24- HERMETIC; adjective: airtight

25- STIPEND; noun: a fixed sum of money paid regularly to someone

26- COMPUNCTION; noun: a feeling of guilt or regret

27- JACTITATION; noun: a tossing to and fro or jerking and twitching of the body

28- LICIT; adjective: not forbidden by law

29- ATTENUATE; verb: to make thin or slender

30- EXTIRPATE; verb: to destroy completely


1- DEFALCATION; noun: a failure to meet a promise or expectation

2- BENEVOLENT; adjective: kind and generous, organized to do good things for others

3- OSSIFY; verb: to make or become hardened

4- PYROTECHNICS; noun: a bright display of fireworks

5- FELICITOUS; adjective: pleasant, delightful

6- NEGOTIATE; verb: to get through, around, or over successfully

7- OBELISK; noun: a tall, four-sided stone column that becomes narrower at the top and that ends in a point

8- POTENT; adjective: very effective

9- CHAFF; verb: to tease in a friendly way

10- MANIFEST; adjective: easy to detect or recognize

11- LAVISH; adjective: given in large amounts

12- ASTUTE; adjective: having or showing an ability to notice or understand things quickly

13- JOVIAL; adjective: expressing surprise

14- EMBELLISH; verb: to decorate by adding special details and features

15- PARLAY; verb: to transform into something of much greater value

16- CAESURA; noun: a break or interruption

17- NATANT; adjective: swimming or floating in water

18- OSTRACIZE; verb: to exclude from a group by common consent

19- BONA FIDE; adjective: real or genuine

20- SIMULACRUM; noun: an image or representation

21- USUFRUCT; noun: the right to use or enjoy something

22- TACTILE; adjective: of, relating to, or being the sense of touch

23- RACONTEUR; noun: a person who excels in telling anecdotes

24- EMPATHY; noun: the ability to share someone else’s feelings

25- BERATE; verb: to scold or condemn vehemently and at length

26- IRRESOLUTE; adjective: uncertain how to act or proceed

27- SCANT; adjective: barely enough

28- DISCERN; verb: to see, recognize, or understand something

29- ISTHMUS; noun: a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas

30- FISSURE; noun: a narrow opening or crack

31- REPRIEVE; noun: a temporary relief


1- MASONRY; noun: something made of stone or brick

2- PERPLEX; verb: to make unable to understand

3- HARBOUR; verb: to have or hold in the mind

4- NEGLECT; verb: to fail to give the right attention to

5- STACCATO; adjective: cut short so as to not sound connected

6- GLOWER; verb: to look or stare with sullen annoyance or anger

7- KERFUFFLE; noun: a disturbance or fuss

8- HOMILY; noun: a lecture on a moral theme

9- LITTORAL; adjective: growing on or near a shore

10- FLOUNDER; verb: to struggle to move or obtain footing

11- NUMINOUS; adjective: supernatural; mysterious

12- DOFF; verb: to rid oneself of; to put aside

13- PIDGIN; noun: a simplified speech used for communication between people with different languages

14- FRET; verb: to become worried

15- PANOPTIC; adjective: presenting a panoramic view

16- COLLUDE; verb: conspire, plot

17- TREPIDATION; noun: apprehension

18- PRODIGAL; adjective: carelessly wasteful

19- OMEN; noun: a happening believed to be a sign or warning of an event

20- GOUGE; verb: to make a hold or groove in something by cutting or scraping

21- TRAVERSE; verb: to pass through, across, or over

22- LULL; noun: a period of calm or inactivity

23- FAZE; verb: to cause to hesitate or cause fear

24- HUMMOCK; noun: a rounded mound of earth

25- EXORBITANT; adjective: more than what is fair, reasonable, or expected

26- YEA; noun: a vote in favor of something

27- RASP; noun: a harsh sound or sensation

28- RUMPUS; noun: a noisy disturbance or quarrel

29- LENIENT; adjective: kind and gentle, not strict

30- SIESTA; noun: a nap or rest especially at midday

31- CHAGRINnoun: a feeling of being annoyed by failure or disappointment


1- SANCTION; noun: official approval or permission

2- FACADE; noun: the face or front of a building

3- RAVE; verb: to talk with great enthusiasm

4- THWART; verb: to stop from happening or succeeding

5- PERUSE; verb: to read through carefully

6- OMNIPOTENT; adjective: having power or authority without limit

7- HEW; verb: to chop down

8- GAD; verb: to wander or roam from place to place

9- FLOUT; verb: to ignore in an open and disrespectful way

10- GLADE; noun: a grassy open space in a forest

11- SOLEMN; adjective: not cheerful; serious

12- PINNACLE; noun: the peak of a mountain

13- GLUT; noun: too much of something

14- CONCUR; verb: to be in agreement

15- KEEN; adjective: having or showing mental sharpness

16- RAMBLE; noun: a long stroll with no particular destination

17- INDELIBLE; adjective: impossible to remove, erase, or blot out

18- PRESIDE; verb: to be in charge

19- FORBEAR; verb: to hold back

20- CULL; verb: to select from a group

21- ITINERANT; adjective: travelling from place to place

22- SIMPER; verb: to smile or speak in a way that is not natural

23- SILHOUETTE; noun: A drawing, picture, or portrait of the outline of a person or object often filled in with a solid black color

24- POSTPONE; verb: to put off until a later time

I did miss quite a few words towards the end of the year, but please check out the ‘Word Wise’ page for more recent words!

Thanks for reading!


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