Why am I an Apple Person?

Image result for apple logoThis past week, I began to think: Why do I prefer Apple phones over other brands, like Samsung? At lunch one day, I remarked to one of my friends, “Samsung phones are so confusing!” My friend responded with just the opposite: “Apple phones are so confusing!” He then brought up some really good points as to why we both had different perspectives on our preference of devices.

Personally, I have been an apple person since I first received an iPod Touch several years ago. Nowadays, I own an iPhone, and iPad mini, and I’m looking into one day writing my blog posts on a MacBook. I would choose an Apple device any day over something else. But why?

First off, I was born into a (mostly) Apple family. My mom owns an iPhone, and while my dad owns a Samsung Galaxy, I guess I took my technological insight from her. Plus, I’ve spent my whole life with Apple. My parents bought me an iPod one Christmas, and since then I’ve only used Apple devices. Had I first been introduced to a Samsung device, I could very well be writing this post from a completely different perspective today.

As I’ve used Apple products for years, Apple has become, in my mind, easy to use, convenient, and they have become my choice for technology. One reason to this is because, well, I’ve pretty much been forced to use Apple products all my life. At my elementary school, we had (very old) MacBooks. They soon transitioned to having all-apple computer labs as well. At my middle school, we have 17 carts of modern Macbook Airs, along with two carts of iPads. And after receiving my iPod, I’ve truly gotten used to their technology. No, not that. I’ve fallen in love with their technology.

Now, of course, technological preferences can change. In fact, at one point, I really was considering a Microsoft laptop. Today, my opinion has reverted back to Apple. But these days, the only experience I have had with another technology company is my dad’s phone. I can figure it out well enough, but what kept me away from Samsung was, at the time, my dad had owned an older phone. Because that phone had a glitchy keyboard, the speed was astronomically slow, and the touchscreen was definitely off, that became my perspective of Samsung. I’m sure, these days, that Samsung phones are quite up-to-speed to Apple. However, based on my experiences, I’ve come to get used to Apple, love Apple, to the point where I wouldn’t choose any other device.

So now that I think about it, that’s why I’m an Apple person. What about you?

Thank you so much for reading. It means a lot.


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