Word Wise- September 1, 2016

Word of the Day2

Hi there! Wow- today I have so much to say! First off, I can officially say that I have caught up on all of my missed posts from the summer! I spent about 3 hours doing so, but at least I can begin the school year afresh. Speaking of the school year, yesterday was my first day of school! (I wrote this post on Friday, September 2nd) I am happy to report that everything went spectacularly, and I’m really looking forward to my 8th grade year. Als0- the past few nights I have been working on a new Harry Potter book review- so expect it to release in the coming weeks!

And finally, as yesterday was September 1st, I have officially reverted back to my September post schedule which can be viewed on my sidebar. Due to this, yesterday’s usual French Connection will now release this Saturday, and will most likely remain on Saturdays for the rest of the year.

And of course, here is today’s word of the day, hand selected by me from my Merriam Webster Dictionary, accompanied by an example sentence of my own creation:


Noun; official approval or permission

My example sentence: The 5th graders in town, including myself, were overjoyed when our town received a sanction to completely renovate the middle school before we entered it ourselves.

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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