French Connection- Conjugating Avoir, Etre, and Aimer

French Connection

Hi there! As you can see, for this french lesson, I will be discussing French verbs, and how to conjugate them based on who is speaking.

The first verb I wanted to discuss is avoir. This is the first verb we learned, but a very important one. Avoir means to have. For example, you would say ‘J’ai un crayon’ to say I have a pencil. But why is it not Je avoir un crayon? Because Avoir is only the infinitive form of the verb, so we change the verb to ai for the Je form. Here are the six conjugations of the verb avoir:

Je- ai

Tu- as (pronounced ah)

Il/Elle/On- a

Nous- avons

Vous- avez

Ils/Elles- ont

The next verb is Etre. Etre means ‘to be’. Here is ‘etre’ in each conjugated form:

Je- suis

Tu- es

Il/Elle/On- est

Nous- sommes

Vous- etes

Ils/Elles- sont

This third verb is the most common one. The verb aimer is used to say that you like something. Here is aimer in each conjugated form:

Je- aime

Tu- aimes

Il/Elle/On- aime

Nous- aimons

Vous- aimez

Ils/Elles- aiment

There are several other verbs that I have learned this year, so I will cover those in following weeks, though there will be no French Connection post next week as I will be on vacation.

Thanks for reading!


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