French Connection- School Supplies

French Connection

Hi there! The summer is certainly flying by, and we will soon be shopping to get ready for the new an de scolaire. So for this lesson, I wanted to discuss the names of several school supplies, and questions and statements associated with them.

If you were shopping for school supplies in France, you would ask for these:

A backpack: un sac a dos

A pencil case: une trousse

A pencil: un crayon

A pen: un stylo

A book: un livre

A notebook: un cahier

A binder: un classeur

A piece of paper: une feuille de papier

A ruler: une regle

An eraser: une gomme

A pencil sharpener: un taille-crayon

A calculator: une calculatrice

A dictionary: un dictionnaire

And you may also need these to help with schoolwork and to contact home if necessary:

A laptop: un portable

A cellphone: un mobile

Of course, there may be a day where you forget your pencil or pen, so these questions should prove useful:

What do you need?- De quoi tu as besoin?

What do you need for math?- Qu’est-ce qu’il te faut pour les maths?

Could you lend me a pencil?- Tu pourrais me preter un crayon?

Do you have a book that I could borrow?- Tu as un livre a me preter?

Here.- Tiens.

Sorry, I don’t have a pencil.- Desole(e), je n’ai pas de crayon. 

And, if someone asks what you need for a particular subject, you will need to know how to answer:

I need a piece of paper.- J’ai besoin d’une feuille de papier. 

I need a ruler.- Il me faut une regle. 

You can use both expressions to respond to that question.

Thanks for reading! A new French Connection will publish next Thursday!


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