French Connection- July 14, 2016

French Connection

Hi there! For this French lesson, I wanted to discuss common question words. This way, we will eventually be able to ask about things involving school, activities, etc. The 8 most common question words are these:

Qui- Who?

For example: Qui velos? (en anglais: Who bikes?)

Combien- How Many?

For example: Combien des eleves dans la classe? (en anglais: How many students are in the class?)

Qu’est-ce que What?

For example: Qu’est-ce que c’est? (en anglais: What is it?)

Ou- Where?

For example: Ou est mon portable? (en anglais: Where is my laptop?)

Quand- When?

For example: Quand est le fete? (en anglais: Where is the party?)

Porquoi- Why?

For example: Porquoi tu faire du ski? (en anglais: Why do you ski?)

Comment- How?

For example: Comment est ton frere? (en anglais: How is your brother?)

Quel- Which?

For example: Quel temps fait il? (While it literally translates as ‘Which time is it?’, it means What time is it?)

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great Thursday!


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