French Connection- The Weather

French Connection

Good afternoon! For this French Connection, I wanted to talk about the different types of weather and how they are said in French, along with a few general locations that you might happen to encounter this weather. As there is not much to discuss about this topic, this French Connection will solely be vocabulary. Do remember:

Il fait/ Il y a- It is…

Weather Vocabulary

It is beautiful- Il fait beau.

It is bad- Il fait mauvais

It is sunny- Il fait du soleil / Il y a du soleil

It is raining- Il pleut

It is cloudy/overcast- Il y a des nuages / Le ciel est couvert

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It is storming- Il y a des orages

It is hot- Il fait chaud

It is cool- Il fait frais

It is cold- Il fait froid

It is snowing- Il neige

It is windy- Il y a du vent

It is foggy- Il y a du brouillard

It is humid- Il fait humide


Location Vocabulary

The mountains- la montagne

The sea- la mer

The country- la campagne

The town/city- la ville

The lake- le lac

The beach- la plage


Thanks for reading! Check back next week for a new lesson!


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