French Connection- The Year in French

French Connection

Hi! For this French Connection, I’ll be discussing how to say the names of each day of the week and month of the year. I’ll also explain how to write and say the current year in the french language.

Days of the Week

The word for ‘week’ in the French language is semain. The word for ‘day’ in the French language is jour. There are sept days in the week, and cinquante-deux weeks in a year. Overall, there are trois cents soixante-cinq days in a year. Here is how to say each day of the week:


Monday- lundi

Tuesday- mardi

Wednesday- mercredi

Thursday- jeudi

Friday- vendredi

Saturday- samedi

Sunday- dimanche

To say ‘On Friday’, you would say le vendredi. 

Months of the Year

There are douze months in a year, so here is how to say each one:


January- Janvier     February- Fevrier     March- Mars     April- Avril

May- Mai     June- Juin     July- Juillet     August- Août     September- Septembre

October- Octobre     November- Novembre     December- Decembre

To say ‘In October’, you would write en Octobre. 

2016 in French

The word for year in French is an. For example, Je suis treize ans. The word for 100 years is siècle. The word for 1000 years is mille. Therefore, we would write two thousand years as deux mille. As we know, 16 in French is seize. Based off of this knowledge, you would write the current year, 2016, as this:

deux mille seize

Thanks so much for reading!


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