It All Adds Up- June 19, 2016


Hi there! Last week, I discussed how to find the area of a circle. The answers to the problem from last week can be found on the ‘It All Adds Up’ page. Today, I now want to show you how to find the volume of a cylinder. The correct formula is:


To clarify, here is what each letter stands for:

V- the total volume of the cylinder

R²- the radius of the circle on one end of the cylinder multiplied by itself

H- the height of the cylinder

This diagram shows how you find the volume of a cylinder:

Volume Diagram.jpg

We start by substituting for pi, the radius squared, and the height of the cylinder. After we square the radius, we can use multiplication to find the volume of the cylinder.

Want to test your skill on finding the volume of a cylinder? Find the volume of the cylinder in this problem, and check your answer on June 25th:
Volume Problem.jpg

Thanks so much for reading!


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