12 and Beyond Returns


In case you haven’t visited before, my name is Gabe, and I’m entering my second year of blogging on my personal blog, 12 and Beyond. After taking an extended break from blogging to conclude my 7th grade year, I’m happy to say that 12 and Beyond has returned!

I have many things in store for this blog, including plenty of new posts, that will be introduced throughout the summer.

What’s New

As you may have noticed, I set all of my pages on ‘Private’ mode during my break, so that I could give them a new look and get everything set up for the new year. Be sure to check out the updated pages once they become public. Unfortunately, I have decided to discontinue one of my more recent blog post series, ‘Le mot du jour’. However, you’ll still be able to learn more french through the series entitled ‘French Connection’, and continue to learn new words. For the start of the summer, I am still keeping the ‘Le mot du jour’ page public so that you can view last year’s words nevertheless. I’ve also decided to pause posting on the page ‘Gabe’s Writing’, as that series mainly took place during the school year. I hope to continue it once September arrives, however.

I’ve also updated two of my main pages: ‘Word Wise’ and ‘It All Adds Up’. I set up a new page for this year’s words and renamed the old page ‘Word Wise (2015)’ so that you can view last year’s words without a single page being too crowded. For the new page, I’ve created a more organized page for this year’s words with corresponding dates that will be updated each time I make a Word of the Day post. Be sure to check it out! As far as ‘It All Adds Up’, I haven’t changed much besides adding an introduction and introducing a new topic. I also adjusted the It All Adds Up posting schedule (more on that below).

One of my more popular series started when I first opened my blog was my book reviews. Around the middle of the school year I stopped making posts for this series. While I may have taken a break, this series is back in full force this summer as I plan to review several amazing books throughout the course of the summer.

As I began taking French class this past school year, I began a new series called ‘French Connection’. Even though it is summer and I am out of school, I have certainly learned many new things during my break that I am happy to share with you this summer. Stay tuned for the first post and check out the page ‘French Connection’.

As for my two smaller series that I hardly touched last year, ‘Amusing Muses’ and ‘Adventure Awaits’, I will not be continuing these posts this year. These posts will simply be replaced by whatever I feel like blogging about at the time, whether it be an interesting time in my life or my thoughts on the world around me.

My post schedule is staying mostly the same as last year, with a few tweaks. Here are the full details:

Post Schedule

It All Adds Up: New problem every Sunday, with answers revealed the following Saturday.

Word Wise- A new word will be featured every day of the week throughout the summer.

Book Reviews- A new book review will be published every Tuesday.

French Connection- A new post will be released every Thursday.

Gabe’s Writing- This series will continue at the start of September.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog over the summer and during the school year. I’m looking forward to another great year of blogging!


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