Math Problem of the Week- January 18th



Over the past few months, I have mentioned one-step equations multiple times. However, I never truly explained them. So, I made another chart explaining how to solve a one-step equation. I’ll also explain it in words.

Math Problem 23.jpg

In a one-step equation, we need to find the value of the variable. In order to do that, we need to isolate the variable. We start by taking the operation used on the variable’s side of the equation. For this, we need to use the inverse operation. (addition/subtraction, multiplication/division) We take the coefficient (the number next to the variable) and perform the operation to both sides of the equation using the coefficient. By using an operation against the coefficient by the same number, the coefficient cancels out and we are left with just the variable. When we complete the other side, we are left with the value of ‘y’. The format for setting up these problems using different operations are in the chart.

Hope that helped!

Thanks for reading!


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