Blogging Update- December 17, 2015

Hello! It’s been a while!

I’m sorry for taking a little while off from blogging- but things have been very busy in my life! I recently got accepted into National Junior Honors Society- basically the Nation Honors Society, just for middle school level. These past few weeks, I’ve participated in multiple activities for NJHS.

I also went and took my black belt test in order to get my II Degree black belt. It was hard and long- and definitely tiring- but totally worth it.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m getting back on track. You’ll see the sidebar updated with the newest holidays and a brand new story that I have been writing, called “The Will that Saved the World”.

This weekend, I’ll continue the usual posts- Words of the Week, Math Problems, and French Lessons. If I get a chance, I’ll also write a book review or two.

Stay tuned for some exciting posts!


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