French Lesson of the Week- November 16th

French Connection

Hi there! This week in french class, we created a presentation as if we were introducing ourselves to a french family. So for this week’s lesson, I will instead be giving you three more french word-of-the-day’s (found on the Le Mot du Jour page) courtesy of Transparent.

abrégé; adjective: shortened

Example Sentence: La réunion a été abrégée par le déclenchement de l’alarme incendie, nous devrons donc la reporter au mois prochain. | The meeting was shortened by the fire alarm; we’ll have to postpone it to next month.

tuméfié; adjective: swollen

Example Sentence: Quand j’ai vu son visage tuméfié j’ai aussitôt deviné qu’il s’était battu. | When I saw his swollen face, I guessed right away that he had fought with someone.

anodin; adjective: harmless

Example Sentence: Ne t’excuses pas, je t’en prie ! C’était un incident tout à fait anodin et je n’y pense même plus ! | Please, don’t feel sorry! It was just a harmless incident, and I don’t even think about it anymore!

Come back next week for a new french lesson!

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