Words of the Week- November 8th

word of the week

Here are 5 words for you courtesy of Merriam Webster.

absolve; verb: to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt

Example Sentence: A week of staying home from work, absolved of all household duties, waited on hand and foot by your significant other—it’s not a dream. It’s what happens when you have surgery on your foot and can’t walk on it.

lucullan; adjective: lavish, luxurious

Example Sentence: Two millennia ago, taverns were liberally represented in Pompeii. Today, there’s just one place: Autogrill cafeteria near the Forum. Not exactlyLucullan feasting, but they do sell passable panini

williwaw; noun: a sudden violent gust of cold land air common along mountainous coasts of high latitudes

Example Sentence: The sailors had all heard stories of ships capsized by the williwaws that plagued the strait.

trepid; adjective: timorous, fearful

Example Sentence: Were I not feeling so trepid, I might have enjoyed joining the other campers for a nighttime walk in the woods.

confidant; noun: one to whom secrets are entrusted; especially : an intimate friend

Example Sentence: Who that has a confidant escapes believing too little in his penetration, and too much in his discretion?

Thanks for reading!


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