More About Election Day

Amusing MusesAfter daylight savings time, I am more than happy to be able to sleep in. And getting a day off to do so? Even better. So for Election Day, I’m going to be giving you some more information, fun facts, and history on the holiday.

<Election Day>

  • Election day is the day where all federal elections are held.
  • Election day is always held on the first Tuesday of November.
  • Presidential elections are only held every 4 years, and only on even years.
  • In 1792, a law was passed mandating states to conduct presidential elections.
  • In 1845 a single date was chosen for all states.
  • Inauguration Day is on January 20, when the elected president and vice president are sworn into office.

I hope this brings some new insight to you on this holiday! Thanks for reading!


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