Words of the Week- November 1st

word of the week

Hey guys! Here are 5 new words to add to your vocabulary, courtesy of Merriam Webster.

microburst; noun: a violent short-lived localized downdraft that creates extreme wind shears at low altitudes and is usually associated with thunderstorms

Example Sentence: “A microburst struck Osage City early Friday, causing downed trees and power lines, closing the town’s schools and making streets nearly impassable, said Police Chief Fred Nech.”

ebullient; adjective: boiling, agitated

Example Sentence: “Keegan, effortlessly ebullient even on his worst days, is probably the easiest person in the history of civilization to have a conversation with….”

underwhelm; verb: to fail to impress or stimulate

Example Sentence: The figure skater’s lackluster performance underwhelmed the judges.

pellucid; adjective: admitting maximum passage of light without diffusion or distortion

Example Sentence: “This is a controversial question with no pellucid answer.”

delectation; noun: delight, enjoyment

Example Sentence: During the reception, a three-piece string band performed for the delectation of the guests.

Thanks for reading!


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