French Lesson of the Week- November 1st

French Connection

Hey guys! Hope you had an awesome halloween! This past week in French class, we just reviewed what we had learned so far. For this week’s lesson, I’m going to give you three french word-of-the-day’s courtesy of Transparent.

l’écume; noun: foam

Example Sentence: Plus les vagues sont fortes, plus il y a d’écume, ce qui effraie souvent les enfants. | The stronger the waves, the more foam there is, which often scares children.

très énervé; adjective: upset

Example Sentence: Après l’avoir rencontré, elle était si énervée qu’elle ne voulait plus parler à personne! | After meeting him, she was so upset that she didn’t want to talk to anybody!

chic; adjective: classy

Example Sentence: Leur intérieur est très chic ; j’aimerais bien savoir qui les a aidés à le réaliser. | Their interior is very classy; I’d really like to know who helped them to do it.

Thanks for reading! Come back next week for even more french words!


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