Book Review- The Lost Hero


The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Rating: 5 Stars

Reason: This was another recommendation from a friend. I really enjoyed, especially how it is basically a sequel series of Percy Jackson. That said- read the Percy Jackson series before you read the Heroes of Olympus.

Overall Description: Jason. That’s all he remembers. Where is he anyway? Some place called “Wilderness School”? Ha. Like he belongs here. Like he actually has a girlfriend named Piper and a friend named Leo. Or does he? Jason wakes on a bus holding hands with some girl he’d never seen before. He has no memory. And now they are on their way to the Grand Canyon. When they arrive, they head towards the skywalk thousand of feet in the air- with a glass floor. All of a sudden, the wind picks up and he soon finds him self battling storm spirits with his coin/sword, and with Coach Hedge… who has hooves for feet? The three half-bloods: Leo, Piper, and Jason are taken to a place called Camp Half Blood. There they are claimed by gods and goddesses who were their “missing” parents. Then the oracle, Rachel Dare, speaks of another Great Prophecy. All three of the new half-bloods will start on the quest. When they set out, they must battle several obstacles. First they start with the snow god, and his daughter Khione. After convincing them they come in peace, they set out to face the wind god- Aeolus. He is not so easy to get through, but his helpful assistant helps them leave safely even with an order to kill them. Even worse, they find out that Piper’s dad, the famous Piper Mclean, is in grave danger. They must face cyclops’, huge giants, and even more monsters before they reach their final destination. After meeting up with the Hunters, Jason discovers a deep secret. He and Thalia are siblings. And with the Hunters’ help, will they be able to set Hera free and prevent Porphyrian from rising from the earth?

Recommendation: Yes, I would recommend this book.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a book review on Son of Neptune!


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