French Lesson of the Week- October 18

French Connection

Hi guys! Hope you had a great week! Although we did start a new topic in french class, this week I would like to give you a few more words of the day. These and many others can be found on the “Le mot du jour” page.

dans l’ensemble; adjective: overall

Example Sentence: Nous avons fait faire un devis et le coût dans l’ensemble est bien moins cher que prévu. / We asked for a quote, and the cost overall is less expensive than expected.

la cadence; noun: rhythm

Example Sentence: Regardes ces deux danseurs ; leur cadence est bien trop rapide pour la majorité des gens. / Look at these two dancers; their rhythm is much too fast for the majority of people.

verbaliser; verb: to fine

Example Sentence: Mon père a été verbalisé parce qu’il prenait un sens interdit ; il a eu une amende de 150 Euros. / The police fined my father for driving the wrong way on a one-way street; he was fined 150 Euros.

Come back next week for more words! These words of the days were provided by Transparent. Thanks for reading!


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