Book Review- Graduation Day


Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau

Rating: 5 Stars

Reason: This was definitely the most intense book of the series. Even so, I really enjoyed reading Graduation Day, but be ready for a series of shocking events.

Overall Description: She made it to University… but Government Studies? Definitely not her first choice. And why is Professor Holt keeping a close eye on her? When the book starts, she is introduced to her residence. She meets Ian, her guide. He also seems to be eyeing her. After being given a tour, she returns to her room. All of a sudden, the doors lock. The lights shut off. The first induction test has begun. Cia breaks the hinges of the door and reaches the cafeteria- just in time. She hasn’t proven herself yet, though. The second test is about to begin. She and her classmates are transported miles away. They must complete a series of life-threatening tasks: getting through building filled with poisonous animals and relying on your team to free you while you sit in an air-tight box. As a final task, they must make their way across the ravine- without using a bridge. As Cia immediately decides, the task is impossible. Surprisingly, she is correct. She may have been praised for now, but Proffesor Holt is even more suspicious. They are now given internships. Only hers is different. She is assigned an internship- with the president. The president speaks of taking down 12 members who have executed The Testing- Dr. Barnes the highest target. A rebellion has been set up- but Dr. Barnes knows. He will be prepared. When she finds evidence that would help bring down the testing. she finds Symon- the man that helped her during The Testing- who kills Michal and destroys the evidence. As it turns out, he has been working with Dr. Barnes all along. At this point, Cia has no idea who to trust. However, she still has Tomas- who remembers the testing. Should she be furious or grateful? To decide on her teammates for President Collindar, she initiates her own “Testing”. She takes Raffe and Stacia. Late one night, several diversions are created, and with the University on lockdown, escape is difficult. With her three teammates, they meet and disperse to carry out their mission. But everything is not as it seems. A series of shocking events will occur, including a surprise teammate, and Dr. Barnes seems to be willing to kill himself. No doubt, this book will leave you in tears.

Recommendation: This book was addicting. I would absolutely recommend it.

Thanks for reading! My book review on Heroes of Olympus will come out soon!


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