Words of the Week- September 4th

word of the week

Here are 5 more words courtesy of Merriam Webster!

consternation; noun: amazement or dismay that hinders or throws into confusion

Example Sentence: To the consternation of her students, Mrs. Jennings gave a pop quiz on the first Friday of the school year.

spontaneous; adjective: done, said, or produced freely and naturally

Example Sentence: Since childhood, Marie has been prone to spontaneous displays of affection.

haplology; noun: contraction of a word by omission of one or more similar sounds or syllables

Example Sentence: The speech therapist assured the child’s parents that “the tendency towards haplology will likely correct itself with age.”

askew; adverb or adjective: out of line : awry

Example Sentence: He said he was fine but he looked as if he’d been in a fight: his hair and clothes were disheveled and his glasses were askew on the bridge of his nose.

vilipend; verb: to hold or treat as of little worth or account : contemn

Example Sentence: As a women’s movement pioneer, Susan B. Anthony fought against the dicta of those who would vilipend women by treating them as second-class citizens.

These words can also be found on my “Word Wise” page!

Thanks for reading!


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