French Lesson of the Week- September 27th

French Connection

Over the past two weeks in French class, we’ve also worked on questions and responses. Here are a few that you can use in everyday life.


Comment tu t’appelles?: What is your name?

Comment il/elle s’appelle?: What is his/her name?

Ca va?: Are you doing okay?

Comment ca va?: How are you? (Informal)

Comment allez-vous?: How are you? (Formal)

Tu as quel age?: How old are you?

Il/elle a quel age?: How old is she/he?

Et toi?: And you? (Informal)

Et vois?: And you? (Formal)


Oui, bien: Yes, fine.

Bein: Fine.

Tres bien, merci: Very good, thank you.

Pas mal: Not bad.

Comme ci, comme ca: So-so.

Non, pas tres bien: No, not too good.

Pas terrible: Not bad.

J’ai … ans: I am … years old.

Il/elle a … ans: He/she is … years old.

Come back next week to work on a new topic involving the French Language!

Thanks for reading!


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