French Lesson of the Week

French Connection

Hey guys! This week in French class, we worked on greetings and goodbyes!  Check out the “French Connection” tab  for a whole bunch of French words, but beware- its really long. Anyway, here are some greetings and goodbyes in French:


Hi- Salut

Hello- Bounjour

Good Evening- Bonsoir (Bonswar)


See you soon- A Bientot (Ah-bee-en-toe)

See you tomorrow- A demain (ah-duhmen)

See you later- A plus tard (ah-plue-tard) or A toute a l’heure (ah-toot-uh-lur)

Goodbye- Au revoir! (ah-reh-vwar)

Bye- Salut/Ciao

Come back next week to learn more about the French language!

Thanks for reading!


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